Wall Brackets

Beautiful cast iron wall brackets.  Different designs and sizes to choose from.  Little details makes a house a home.  All sold and priced in pairs.

20cm x 18cm Price £26.50
13cm x 12cm Price £14.94tempImageteI3tD

13cm x 10.5cm Price £13.95tempImageqD3qOk

21cm x 18cm Price £24.00
15cm x 15cm Price £21.50tempImage5Io6Wf

15cm x 15cm £20.00tempImage6y69dp

19cm x 15cm £22.00tempImageq8FtfH

11cm x 6cm Price £13.50tempImageo8qn14

12.5cm x 12.5cm Price £16.95tempImageV1tmgl

15.5cm x 15.5cm Price £19.95tempImage43ybpP

19cm x 17.5cm Price £27.95tempImage4OtbKv

31cm x 26cm Price £40.80tempImageRH1dPI

30cm x 25cm Price £36.00tempImagebeRJf7

26cm x 26cm Price £24.95tempImageRrcrQY

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