Indigo Drop Pottery

These stunning Nkuku indigo drop ceramic wares have been beautifully handmade in Vietnam. The methods used to make them have not changed in 1000 years. The designs have been hand painted by skilled artisans.
These are Fair Trade products and are dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.

Large mug H7cm x D10cm
Price £13.50

Short mug H6.5cm x D8cm
Price £9.95tempImage8bIjWZ

Tall jug H22cm x D9cm
Price £34.95tempImagejlDNzt

Small dipping bowl H5cm x 12cm
Price £11.95

Small serving bowl H8cm x D20cm
Price £24.95

Medium serving bowl H12cm x D26cm
Price £39.95

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