Plant Pots

Why not bring the outdoors in with these striking plant pots & hangers. We stock a wide range of styles and sizes…

Glazed Plant Pots

Add some colour and pattern to your home with these pots.
These rustic dutch pots (no hole in the bottom).

Medium H11.5cm x D14cm  Price £6.95 each

Large H 16cm x D 19.5cm  Price £14.95

H 7.5cm x D 16cm Price £7.00


H 9cm x D 8cm Price £4.50


Terracotta Pots

We stock three sizes:                                                                                                   H 12cm x D 16.5cm Price £6.95                                                                                 H 10cm x D 13cm Price £4.85                                                                                    H 6.5cm x D 8.5cm Price £2.50

Terracotta Saucers

Terracotta D 16cm Price £3.75                                                                                             White D 18.5cm Price £6.50

Grey Concrete Plant Pot

H 11.5cm x D 12cm Price £8.00


Please note that we do hanging and wall mounted planters on our website.

Until 2nd of December the shop will be staffed between noon and 2.00pm. Please feel free to call and pay for purchases, which can be collected from our shop during the same hours seven days a week.  Sorry for any inconvinence this may cause.  Phone: 01453 757336