We have lots of fabulous baskets in all different shapes, sizes and uses.

Three sizes available, each sold separately. Small H 24cm x D 26cm Price £20.00 Medium H 34cm x D 30cm Price £25.00 Large H 38cm D 36cm Price 35.00

H 50 (inc handles) x W 53 x D 31 Price £48

H 37cm (inc handles) x W 54cm x D 36cm Price £30.00

H 28cm x W 42cm x D 32cm Price £25.00

H 20cm x W 29cm x D 29cm Price £19.50

H 33cm (inc handle) x W 36cm x D 18cm Price £28.50

Laundry Basket H 51cm x W 33cm x D 33cm Price £39.95

Laundry Baskets. Two sizes available. Each sold separately. Small H 52 x W 34cm Price £ 38.00 Large H 61 x W 46cm Price £60.00

Laundry basket H 61cm x W 46cm Price £64.00

Log Basket H 56cm (inc handle) x W 49cm x D 61cm Price £62.00

Two sizes available, each sold separately. Small H 40cm (inc handles) x W 40cm Price £25.00 Large H 44cm (inc handles) x W 46cm Price £40.00

Stair Basket H 52cm (inc handle) x W 42cm x D26cm (Instep depth 22cm) Price £31.80

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