We have lots of fabulous baskets in all different shapes, sizes and uses.

Three sizes available, each sold separately. Small H 24cm x D 26cm Price £20.00 Medium H 34cm x D 30cm Price £25.00 Large H 38cm D 36cm Price 35.00

H 50 (inc handles) x W 53 x D 31 Price £48

H 37cm (inc handles) x W 54cm x D 36cm Price £30.00

H 28cm x W 42cm x D 32cm Price £25.00

H 20cm x W 29cm x D 29cm Price £19.50

H 33cm (inc handle) x W 36cm x D 18cm Price £28.50

Laundry Basket H 51cm x W 33cm x D 33cm Price £39.95

Laundry Baskets. Two sizes available. Each sold separately. Small H 52 x W 34cm Price £ 38.00 Large H 61 x W 46cm Price £60.00

Laundry basket H 61cm x W 46cm Price £64.00

Log Basket H 56cm (inc handle) x W 49cm x D 61cm Price £62.00

Two sizes available, each sold separately. Small H 40cm (inc handles) x W 40cm Price £25.00 Large H 44cm (inc handles) x W 46cm Price £40.00

Stair Basket H 52cm (inc handle) x W 42cm x D26cm (Instep depth 22cm) Price £31.80

Until 2nd of December the shop will be staffed between noon and 2.00pm. Please feel free to call and pay for purchases, which can be collected from our shop during the same hours seven days a week.  Sorry for any inconvinence this may cause.  Phone: 01453 757336