Kilner Jars, Bottles & More

We have Kilner jars, bottles and more in all shapes and sizes for all your needs.
Whether it’s for refill and reuse storage or for your homemade delights.

Clip top round jars available in three sizes;
1 Litre : H 18cm x W 11cm
1.5 Litres : H 23cm x W 11cm
3 Litres : H 28cm x 14cm

Clip top square jars available in three sizes;
0.5 Litres : H 10.5cm x W 11cm
1 Litre : H 15.5cm x W 11cm
1.5 Litres : H 20cm x W 11cm

Six Clip top spice jar set contains: 6x jars, 1x wooden crate, 12x labels, 1x recipe booklet.
Individual spice jars available;
70 ml : H 8cm x 5cm

Clip top square preserve bottles available in three sizes;
0.25 Litres : H 19cm x W 5.5cm
0.55 Litres : H 17.5cm x W 6.5cm
1 Litres : H 32cm x W 7.5cm

Ceramic storage jars available in two colours;
0.6 Litres : H 15.5cm x W 9.5cm

Glass butter dish and lid;
Fits up to 250g of butter : H 7.5cm x W 10cm x L 17cm

Honey pot and beech wood dipper set;
0.4 Litres : H 10.5cm x W 10cm
Liquid soap and lotion dispenser;
0.5 Litres : H 18.5cm x W 8cm
Six standard replacement seals that fit 0.35, 0.5, 1, 1.5 & 2 Litre clip top jars.

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