We have a great selection of the iconic blue and white striped hand made Cornishware range. All ceramic products are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Two sizes of teapots available;
Small: H 11cm x W 8cm (includes spout & handle) Capacity: 50cl
Large: H 15cm x W 26cm (includes spout & handle) Capacity: 140cl

Three sizes of mugs available;
Small: H 6cm x W 6cm
Medium: H 8cm x W 7cm
Large: H 9cm x W 8cm

Four sizes of jugs available;
Mini: H 6cm W 6cm Capacity: 14cl
Small: H 8.5cm x W 7cm Capacity: 28cl
Medium: H 11cm x W 8.5cm Capacity: 56cl
Large: H 13cm x W 10.5cm Capacity: 84cl

Breakfast plate: 22cm

Cereal bowl: 17cm x 5.5cm

Pasta bowl: 24cm x 5cm

Butter dish: H 10cm x 14cm

Dipping bowl: H 4cm x W 8cm

Egg cup: H 4.5cm x W 4.5cm

Double oven gloves

Tea towel 100% cotton

Apron 100% cotton: Length 90cm

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